Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mission #2

I can't believe January is already over.  I thought life was going to slow down a bit after the holidays. 
Right about now, I'm wishing things were a little more like the holidays.  It has been crazy busy around here.  It's already time to start prepping my garden and get my seedlings started, yet I am nowhere ready to even begin thinking about it.

I think this months mission is going to be fun, and well deserved.  I'm redoing Messy Kid's room.  We've lived here for about a year and a half and the poor kid hasn't had her room decorated since we moved in.  At our old house, she had the coolest room.  But alas, age 6 is knocking on the door and it's time for her Big Girl Room.

Big plans are in store this month.  You see, I don't know how to sew.  But I do own a sewing machine.  And I have tasked myself with replacing her window coverings.  Now, this can either go well and I save myself a ton of cash.  Or, (most likely) there will be a lot of swearing involved and I wind up buying something after many hours and lots of agony invested.  Let's be optimistic and shoot for the best.

Now it's time for the ugly truth:

Yup, that's my beloved child's room.  It is by far the messiest room in the house.  I can't blame 
her.  It's 95% my doing.  For whatever reason, her room has become the catch all.  But no more.  
She deserves better than this and I will prove it to her with my actions.

Can't even get to her closet.  Such a shame.

There's that wandering vaccume cleaner.  It really does have
a home.  I'll make sure it gets there this month.

Believe it or not.. this is a picture of her bed.  It's drowning under all the junk.

Messy Dad made that doll house.  It's very beautiful.  And what do I do?  I make it look like it's
ready for a trip to the dump.  It looks like a real heap.

What's on tap for this month?  A complete overhaul of her room.  I'm hoping I can get it all done before the month is up.  She's getting new bedding, window treatments, lighting, rugs, accessories, wall decor, the works!  I am also going to organize and sort all of her toys so she might actually be able to play with some of them.

Until Next Time,

Messy Mom


  1. Oh.. she will love it! Looks like she has a lot of good wall space you can put shelves on too!
    Have fun (well...ok.. it would be fun for me) and keep me updated on how it is going. I can't wait to see the full before and afters.
    Thanks for linking it to my Organizing Mission Monday link party.