Monday, January 31, 2011

I Did It!*

Yes, there is an asterisk for my completion.  Remember that flaky friend I told you about?  Yeah, he's still flakey and now the weather is literally flaking on us too.  We were all set to pick up the wood from him so Messy Dad could do the projects I needed to finish up the bathroom, and we woke up to snow, everywhere.  Oh well.  Keep calm, carry on.

Without further adieu, I present to you, my Master Bath and Closet:

Look at that clean and pretty counter top.  That, is a thing of beauty right there.

This is where the asterick starts to come into play.  The plain and barren wall on the right was supposed to have a wood carving on it.  Eh, I'll update it should our flaky friend ever deiced to be such a, well, flake.

Oops, left a brush out on the counter.  At least it's just a brush.  Vast improvement from my before shots.

This a a cool score I found at TJ Maxx  for $16.99.  They were actually decorative bowls that I altered to hang on the wall.

And now, let's go in the closet (hmmm... that didn't sound quite right):

TADA!  Look at all that room to grow!  AND, three of those baskets are empty!  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I had no idea what to do with all those piles of clothes I had on the shelves before.  And then I found an awesome deal at Miachels in the clearance area.  These trunks were originally $30 each.  I picked them up for $9.99!  Problem solved.  I added the little chalkboards.  So easy, anyone can do it.  A little spray paint and ribbon is all it takes.

This was previously all piles of clothes and a laundry basket filled with junk.

This was a bonus I found in my closet.  Had no clue there was a painted and assembled hat rack in there.  Now to find those baseball hats of mine.

Alright, January is now in the books.  It's time to break down all the costs for this month.  Really, wasn't too bad.


$83.71  TJ Maxx-  2 Leaves on the wall, 1 DKNY Towel, 2 vases on vanity, 1 silver vase on window, 1 red bowl on toilet, 1 vase on counter, 1 wicker basket on counter.

$4.00  Goodwill- 6 Frames  (3 still need to be hung), 1 organizing basket for hairbands.

$8.50  Home Depot- Primer, Metallic Spray Paint

Bathroom Total:  $96.21

Master Closet:

$49.76  Walmart-   2 Wicker Baskets, 3 striped fabric totes, 3 orange spice fabric totes.

$59.94  Miachels- 6 Green storage trunks.

Grand Total:  $119.88

I will gladly spend $120 any day to be able to get dressed and showered each day in a nice, clean bathroom.  Now I turn my head and see Messy Kids room right on the other side of the bathroom door.  Ugh, I'm going to start all over again.  But I have big plans for that room.  I'm probably going to spend a lot more money and time in there, but it is badly needed.

I've decided, after I finish Messy Kids room, I am treating myself to a Kindle .  I've always wanted one, and I think it will be a well deserved treat.

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