Friday, December 31, 2010

Queue Theme Music From Mission Impossible

January's Mission:

Clean and Organize the Master Bathroom

I don't want to start with anything too hard (like my heap of a bedroom) and it sounds easy enough especially since we have 3 bathrooms.  Given the odd layout of our house, the Master Bathroom is actually in our daughters room and used as the main bathroom by all 4 of us.  It is also home to my walk in closet, also part of this months mission.  In a world where we don't have anything organized, it's complete chaos in there.  Towels, clothes, toothbrushes, toys ... all strewn about.  I'm surprised no one has been hurt in there... yet.

Alright, here's the pictures of what were working with..  I really hate this part.  I prefer to pretend I am only exaggerating on the level of chaos.

 Welcome to our bathroom.... or shall I say, Enter with caution.

 Hey, it's m4 409 on the window sill.  I've been looking for that.  Too bad I bought a new bottle today.

 I've been trying to get those stains out of the caulking.  I think I'm going to remove the caulking and start over.
 All the crap, off the floor.  Perhaps shoes can live there.. FOR THE FIRST TIME.

 Oh look, folded clothes.. who do they belong to?  Dunno.  What items are they?  I dunno.. but don't touch it or it will all fall down!
 And especially don't touch this pile.  I don't care what's in it.. that pile hurts when it falls on you!

I really can't wait until I have an *after* or at least an in progress picture to post.

Granted, when it comes to closets, I've seen worse.. I have worse.  But I can never find anything in there.  My pants are mixed with my husbands pants, mixed with socks, mixed with Lord knows what else.  Anytime I reach to grab something, it all comes tumbling down on my head.  When I do laundry, I just shove stuff up where ever I can find an open spot.  Everything is going to find a home, there are going to be baskets on the shelves, I am going to have Messy Dad finally make me the bottom drawer to the dresser type thing we have in there, and perhaps I'll stop keeping my shoes in the living room and start keeping them in the closest, now that's a novel idea.

Yes, a month might be overkill for a closet and bathroom.  I figure this will help me establish good habits in the bathroom.  No more allowing anyone (myself included) to leave clothes and towels on the floor after a shower.  Sink will be cleaned daily, toilet, shower, floors and mirrors will be cleaned 2x per week.

Alright, it's official, I have set my first task with a start and an end date.. AND it's in writing.  I'm going to do it.  Because if I don't, not only do I let myself down, I let my family down as well.  Ready or not, here I come!

Until next time,
Messy Mom

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