Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I suppose I really can't continue any further without showing you the ugly truth.  Somehow I manage to not notice it everyday.  I guess you can call it selective vision.  But seeing what the camera sees really sucks.

I have a lovely house.... underneath it all.  All the piles of crap, and dishes and clothes and toys and mail and everything else I try to mentally block out.  But the layers are coming off and I am going to do it right so I can keep it manageable.  So we can live like everyone else lives.

So there it is.  That's how my kitchen looks today, right now in fact.  I am sitting on the computer while I have a house that looks like this.  I love to cook.  Been told I am an excellent cook in fact.  But, I haven't cooked anything in a while.  How can I?  There's no room to create.  I really miss working in the kitchen.  Even when I do cook now, I don't enjoy it because of the chaos right on the other side of the counter.

Ready for more?  I'm not sure I am... but if I'm going to commit, I guess I better be willing to jump in with both feet.

Ugh.  This would be a great piece of furniture I had Messy Dad make for me a few years ago.  How do I show him my appreciation?  Frankly I don't.  It's now another surface covered in crap... and in this case, surrounded in crap.  Hey, look!  I see a vacuum cleaner.. yeah, it's probably been sitting in that exact same spot for 2 weeks.

Hard to imagine how we lose things the moment we set them down... yeah, I know, that's laughable... It's painfully obvious to see why we can never find anything.  PAINFULLY.

Is it Jan 1, 11 yet?  Because I'm ready.  I'm really ready.

Until next time,
Messy Mom

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