Monday, January 3, 2011

Life As I Know It

Life is continuing as normal, or nearly normal, once again.  Messy Dad is back at work, Little Ms. Messy is back to school and Messy Munchkin is home sick for a few days.  Christmas tree is outside and waiting to be recycled, all Christmas decor is taken down and put away... well, almost all of it.  We've been socked in by cruddy weather since New Years and haven't been able to take down the x-mas lights outside.  I get a pass on that because of weather, right?

I've got my 1 load of laundry going (did 4 loads yesterday, thank you very much).  It's the pink load.. and yes, in our house, pink gets its very own load.  So does yellow and purple.  Hey, with the exception of Messy Dad, it's a house full of girls.

Still haven't told Messy Dad about the blog or my plan.  Of course this would also be why his socks and underwear were on the floor in the bathroom this morning.... and the kids pajamas.  As much as I would love to get irritated, I suppose I can't... yet.

Alright, down to business.  Today's goal:  I am going to clean the outside of the tub (minus the use of caustic chemicals that cause my lungs to burn for several days), clean the toilet and start organizing the counter top in the bathroom.  Remember... baby steps.

Until Next Time,
Messy Mom

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