Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty On The Outside

My bathroom is starting to suffer from stuck up debutant syndrome... it's starting to really look pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside.  On the surface, it's really coming together and looking great.  I'll be posting pics as soon I can get everything hung on the wall (the weather has been too cold to go outside and paint the picture frames).  But when you open the cabinets and drawers, ugh, reality sets in that my bathroom has not always looked this way.  How quickly I forget that my bathroom should have been condemned, or at least required you sign a release of liability before you enter, as a of a week ago.

Those drawers are so narrow, I'm not even sure how to make that look nice.  I am in need of professional help (in more ways than one).

I know, yeah, they (I would like to know who this mysterious group of *they* are.... and are they at all affiliated with *them*?) all say you have to taper down what you put in your medicine cabinet.  I am all for that.  Heck, I think I should really only be able to fill one shelf in there.  But, when you have 4 out of 4 members of the household decide this is the bathroom (out of 3) that they want to use as their main bathroom, makes it hard to do.  Again, several forms of professional help could be utilized here.  I think the biggest help would be if I could successfully kick 3 other household members out of this bathroom and claim it as mine.  It is clean (on the outside) now.  Perhaps if I lick the door handle, everyone will back off.  Unfortunately, this is not likely.  This brood doesn't scare easily.

I will say, everyone is now doing their part to pitch in on this one little corner of the house.  I am no longer walking in to clothing of various sorts on the floor.  Towels are properly hung up after baths/showers.  Toothbrushes are happy to stay in their new home.  And I can no longer follow my husband and children via things they lefts behind, in the bathroom.

This weeks goal:  Finish the bathroom and begin the organization and cleaning process of the closet.  Also to have official (and more than one) *AFTER* photos of the bathroom posted here by no later than Monday the 17th.

Now, off to go do my 1 load of laundry and check to see if the weather has warmed up enough to start painting.

Until Next Time,
Messy Mom

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