Monday, January 17, 2011

The Path to Hell....

From what I hear, it's paved with good intentions.  Apparently, I must be well en route.  Nothing but the best of intentions all week long.  What happens?  Absolutely squat, diddly, zip, zero, nada.  Fell behind on my 1 load a day laundry.  I mean really, how hard is it to do ONE FREAKING LOAD A DAY?  Haven't finished the bathroom... and haven't even attempted to start the closet.

Some life changing event this is turning out to be two weeks in.  Oh, wait.... two weeks in?  Hmmmm... I have a feeling I am like the rest of America.  I wonder how many people are smoking again?  Ate a donut for breakfast instead of going for their morning jog? 

In this epic battle of good vs. evil, I shall not let evil win.  Back on the horse, first thing, tomorrow morning.

I did get a few things hung on the wall.. does that count?  The bathroom is still clean, that is an improvement over how I would have been before 2011.  But I did have a rather nice week with the family now that no one is sick any longer.  The weather this weekend was phenomenal.  I think warm weather in January is a very cruel prank.  A tease by Mother Nature.  Next week we will be covered in snow with cabin fever, again.

Here we go again, again.......

Here's to our first epic fail of the year!

Until Next Time,
Messy Mom

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  1. Bumps in the road happen. Just don't give up!